Would you like butter on your popcorn?

This post was originally written in March of 2011 but never published.  The room is now complete and I will post about the results later this week!  🙂

So we’ve decided to “cottage-ify” the interior of the house during this long, cold and SNOWY winter.  One of the spare bedrooms has become our DIY Guinea Pig…

This is not technically the true “before”, but it is the earliest state of the renovation that I remembered to take a picture.

 The room was a “hot mess”…popcorn ceiling, old pine trim and builder beige walls.  I honestly don’t think there had been much updating of this room since it’s birth in 1983.

We plan(ned) to do the following to the room:

  1. Remove all the trim from the room
  2. Paint the walls (we choose Sherwin Williams “Comfort Gray”)
  3. Scrape the ceiling
  4. Install tongue and groove pine planks to the ceiling (painted SW “Alabaster”)
  5. Paint and reinstall the original crown moulding (SW “Neutral Ground”)
  6. Order and install craftsman style window and door casing (painted SW “Neutral Ground”)
  7. Order and install prairie style doors (painted…”Neutral Ground”)
Mmmmm, popcorn anyone??

The funny thing is that we expected hoped to be able to get items #1-4 in one weekend!  Did I mention that we had to prime (2x) and paint (2x) all those pine tongue and groove planks (30 of them, btw…)?!?!  Yeah, ummmm no.

What we were able to accomplish was the scraping of the ceiling, removing the trim, priming and painting the walls and last but not least, priming and painting all 30 tongue and groove planks.

I guess the lesson to be taken away from all of this is that, ALWAYS plan for setbacks and delays when DIY’ing.  Otherwise, you’re in for a world of hurt!

I’m happy to report that after two weeks of hard work, we’re almost done items #1-5.  There have been some delays, like when we miscalculated how many tongue and groove boards we were going to need and ended up having to go back and get 6 more. 

But, we’ve also done much more than the items listed above.  We have replaced the horrible ceiling fan with a cute little number from IKEA.  Nolan has installed a motion sensor light switch for the room and also updated all the electrical outlets so they match.  We’ve also updated our pitiful baseboard cover with this clean and modern one from Lowes:

Don’t mind the unpainted portion above the new cover. The old cover was taller and we had already painted the room when we decided to update the cover. It has since been painted.

Chances are, as you delve into a renovation, your original “to do” list is going to end up not looking like your final “completed” list.  It’s hard to know in the beginning what’s going to come up as you go along and that’s okay.  I’ve recently learned that as long as you enter the project with an open mind and can handle reworking your list, you’ll be fine.  🙂  What have you learned from your DIY projects?


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