Parker Planter

Another quick and easy re-do in store for today!  If you’re anything like me, you love old fashioned advertisements, labels, etc.  So, imagine my delight when browsing at a local estate sale a few weekends ago, when I spotted this beauty:

Jane Parker Potato Chip Tin

Nothing was marked with prices and I wasn’t sure what to expect when I asked the gentleman, what the price was.  I was thrilled when he said “one dollar”.  SOLD!

I immediately knew I wanted it to be a planter of some type, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to drill holes in the bottom for drainage or have it be an outdoor planter, exposed to the elements.  It didn’t seem right to subject this heirloom to that kind of mistreatment and risk it rusting, etc.

I had recently purchased a maidenhair fern at our local garden center ($2.50 with coupon) for our bedroom and had not repotted it yet.   Our master bedroom, much to my chagrin, does not get a lot of natural light.  The maidenhair fern is a low light plant, which is why I choose it.   The green of the fern with the green of the planter seemed like a great match.

Maidenhair Fern

Now this is the part where I tell you that I took pictures of the repotting of the fern into the terracotta planter and didn’t realize that my memory card was NOT in the camera… (Boo!)  So, just use your imagination and picture me repotting the fern into a terracotta planter I purchased at Michael’s last weekend with my 50% off coupon.  (Total cost for pot and saucer was $2.50 , potting soil was free since I already had it on hand)

Once the fern was repotted in the terracotta pot, I needed to figure out a way to prop the fern up inside the potato chip tin.  I tried using a brick, but the brick was too wide for the opening of the tin.  I tried using an old bonsai planter turned upside down for the terracotta saucer and pot to sit on, but it was a hair too short.

For some reason I took a look at our recycling bin and instantly knew I found my answer with this:

It was a plastic bakery container from our local grocery store that once held yummy cookies.  I took the lid off the container and took the bottom half of the container and put it inside the tin upside down.  It was the perfect height for propping the fern up within the tin. 

Here it is completed:

The nicest thing is I can still take the fern out to water it and then once it’s drained, it can go right back into the planter/tin.  And I don’t have to worry about ruining the tin in case I ever want to repurpose it as something else.

Total cost: Tin $1 + Plant $2.50 + Terracotta Pot & Saucer $2.50 = $6.00

Planter in it’s new home

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